Published on:- 23-Jun-2017

Planning a summer vacation is taxing. You have to find the cheapest flights, affordable lodging with great amenities, and of course list out the activities. However, technology has opened up s..

Published on:- 16-Jun-2017

June and July are the busiest months for the airline industry and the number of passengers increases every year. The airport procedures and the long lines attached at every procedure is harrow..

Published on:- 09-Jun-2017

Summer vacation is the most awaited time to soak in the sun and get tanned. Spend endless days at a tropical paradise, away from prying eyes. When you are flying there in your private jet, you..

Published on:- 02-Jun-2017

Barbeque, mimosa, sun, sand, and surf is what we have been waiting for the entire year. Summertime is the best time to get with family and friends. This is the time to take a vacation to some ..

Published on:- 26-May-2017

Graduation is a proud moment and big day for parents and grandparents. And it is a major step for young adults entering a competitive world. Many will be flying in to witness and celebrate the..

Published on:- 23-May-2017

It is a time where you are leaving a student life and entering a life of responsibilities. A borderline that pushes you from the exciting college life into the real world. However, post-gradua..

Published on:- 19-May-2017

The next few months are going to see a surge in air traffic and air passengers at Medina and Jeddah airports. This is an important time of the year for Umrah pilgrims. You can expect to bump i..

Published on:- 16-May-2017

First-time fliers have it rough. Sometimes it turns into a funny incident. Few flight attendants share show of their funny stories with us. A former flight attendant, Heather Wilde tells us a..

Published on:- 11-May-2017

Millennial mom have taken to travel like bread and butter. It is an integral way to traverse cross-country or to a different country in short span of time. Business trip, vacation with girlfri..

Published on:- 05-May-2017

Airlines are wary about heavily pregnant women, but there are airport assistance services that can offer comfort and quick passage at the airport. Pregnancy and flying is a tricky situation, ..

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