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What one can do at the Heathrow Airport

The Heathrow airport in London is one of the most popular air terminals across the globe which serves around 67 million people each year. It is also listed in the top 10 airports of the world and of course, it is one of the busiest ones. If you are thinking to fly in Heathrow when coming to London then we recommend you book an airport assistance service from MUrgency Airport Assistance to make things easy for you so that you have a comfortable time here. Keep reading to know about some of the things that you can try on the layover of this airport.

  1. Enjoy Meal

It may feel more sophisticate to grab a meal at the Heathrow airport than any other airports. While there aren't unlimited choices, the diners and eateries are well-curated, with British pubs, European cafes and restaurants providing a range of delicacies. Some outstanding choices are Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Wagamama, Fortnum and Mason bar and The Tin Goose. It also consists of some international chains like Starbucks and Pret a Manger. You can even experience live music in Terminal 2 at Caffe Nero.


  1. Relax in Lounge

If you are an economy class traveler then you can use the airport lounge facility to relax at the airport. Spend your layover in calm and solace, with access to nourishment and beverages and possibly shower service – for one price. Since this air terminal is so huge, there are a lot of lounges to explore. You can book an entry by pre-acquiring a lounge pass or utilizing a lounge participation program.


  1. Shopping

The Heathrow Airport in London provides several shops in many of its terminals, so regardless of your location, you can shop for everything from books to world class whiskeys to high branded clothing and also duty-free options. In case you're truly hoping to go overboard on certain trinkets, Terminal 5 has the most boutiques. One of the amazing shops is the Harry Potter Shop situated in Terminal 5.


  1. Shower and Spa

One can opt for a shower to fresh up between flights. Spa, as well as few lounges in the air terminal in T3, provides the shower facility. If you are not okay with the idea of taking a shower then you can take the spa services like facials, mani/pedi, massages as well as reflexology to get rid of tensions and simply relax at the airport.


  1. Browsing the gallery

If you have got some time between your flights that we highly recommend you to tour the T5 Gallery in Terminal 5. It offers a curated perpetual display of workmanship and figures – you'll really feel like you've left the air terminal. The Departure Hall of T5 consists of rotating sculptures which also contribute to its amusement.


  1. Head to London

If you have like 6 hours between flights then we highly advise you to have a trip to London. You can keep your baggage at the airport but to be honest, it is a bit expensive, so consider processing your luggage in case you're making arrangements for some city walking. The best option for you to get in the city is through Heathrow express train which leaves from the airport every 15 minutes and reaches at Paddington Station within 20 minutes. If money is not a big deal for you then you can hire a London black taxi for sightseeing in the city.

You will be discovering some of the most outstanding sights in the Westminster station, like Westminster Abbey and Big Ben plus Tower Bridge and Tower of London just above River Thames. The best choice for you is to hop on a double-decker bus and examine some of the famous museums, landmarks, parks, and palaces present in the city. Some of the famous ones are Tate or Tate Modern, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and off curse the Buckingham Palace.


  1. Stay Connected

You can use the free wi-fi provided by the airport to get connected with your families and friends, work, get your dose of social media or just surf the net. You can even get computers in every terminal to surf the net.


  1. Sleep

Sleeping here during the day is not problematic. But if you are thinking to carry out sleeping at night then the procedure may vary by terminal. Like, for instance, airport staff may send a traveler not belonging from the European Union to a certain sleeping zone in T3. In case you're in T2, there's a lot of seating to spread out, yet don't anticipate regarding privacy. In T4, the best choices are situated before Security, and a few voyagers recommended that the 24-hour cafe is sufficiently agreeable and you can remain there overnight if you make a purchase. The terminal becomes quiet at night but it is always lit so it is advisable to have an eyeshade with you.

We hope that by going through this article you have got a good idea about things you can do at Heathrow airport. If you want any kind of assistance then feel free to contact the MUrgency Airport Assistance service anytime. We will be really happy to assist you.



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