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Airport Assistance Service at Beirut Airport

Beirut International Airport is situated in the southern suburbs of Beirut in Lebanon. It is the only commercial airport operated in the country. It is the main center for Middle East Airlines (MEA), Lebanon's National Carrier. Presently it is also the hub of Wings of Lebanon, Lebanese charter carrier and earlier it was also the main center for TMA cargo.

Along with Port of Beirut, it is the main port of entry inside the country. The air terminal is operated and controlled by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) which works under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The Beirut Airport was opened on 23rd April 1954. Due to its modern features and the only operated airport in the country it usually gets busy during the holiday season. Take it this way, you have landed a foreign ground and now you have to clear up your passport and customs controls. You have to get your luggage and even would need to catch a connected flight. This would be an overwhelming job even for the most experienced explorers. To make things easy for you we at MUrgency Airport Assistance are always there for you. We have prepared officials helping you achieve your goal without any wastage of time and money.

Keep reading the article below to get accustomed to some of the airport assistance that we offer.



  1. Staff Assistance:

If you are a newbie to traveling then definitely you are also new to the methodologies and the facilities offered at the airport. To tackle all this problem this is the right category you should go with. You will be assisted by our staff present at the assistance center located in the airplane terminal. They will support you with all kinds of info regarding the procedure carried out at the airport. We can also help you in case of any language issue. Our officials have also got a good idea about the air terminal, thus, they can guide you to the eateries, lounge, bathrooms or any other outlet if you wish to visit.


  1. Fast Track Service:

The number of travel lovers is increasing every day. It's a good thing that people are enjoying traveling, but at the same time, it is leading to long check-in lines at the airport. One has to stand in a long queue for the security and custom department at the airport. This is the most tiring and unpleasant thing that can happen while traveling. If you are stuck here then it will take you way longer to get out of these formalities. But don’t worry, just leave this problem upon us. We at MUrgency Airport Assistance provide the fast track service. If you are opting for this service then you can just get rid of those long queues and can leave the air terminal within a couple of minutes. You will be saving a lot of your time and energy. Just feel free to contact us for that anytime.


  1. Gate To Gate transfer:

The gate to gate transfer also counts in one of our popular services. Think about it! As you have reached the airport and have to catch a domestic flight. You certainly want a hassle-free transfer to prevent any kind of delay. This is where this service comes in. From the plane exit to the next boarding gate, enjoy an effortless transfer with us.


  1. VIP Services:

Celebrities, sports personalities, businessmen, models, diplomats, corporate, executives, and VIP avail of this service as it is the best way to beat the crowd and transfer through the airport in complete privacy. This is an end-to-end service where you are greeted at the terminal entrance, where your bags are handled with care, check-in, securit, and passport control are done with ease, and you can rest in the VIP lounge at the airport until it is time for boarding. Thus, you can relax while all your work is being processed. This is the best thing one can have at the airport.


  1. Transportation between airport and city:

Let’s assume that you have reached your destination. You have all your airport checkup done. Now you are thinking to enter the city and book a decent inn or try out sightseeing. You step out of the airport and you see that you are only greeted with local language & you are having a tough time negotiating with cab drivers. MUrgency Airport Assistance serves at its best here by helping you achieve your goal. You should simply connect with our officials and leave all your stress upon us.

We hope that you have got a good idea about the services and assistance that we offer at the Beirut airport. Make sure to visit us whenever required. We are 24/7 in service for you. Happy journey ahead.


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