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19 Airport Hacks for a comfortable Journey

Airport Journeys tire you out? These tips go a long way in making your travel comfortable


  1. Keep your body hydrated

 Flights tend to dehydrate the body. Try to drink a good amount of water before heading to the airport. Also, it would be a good idea to order water in the flight instead of coffee or aerated drinks which add to the dehydration.


  1. How about carrying your own tea bag?

Don’t enjoy the airplane coffee & tea? You are not alone. If you have a special preference & like your beverage in a special way, carry along a few tea bags along with an empty mug. You can easily take it through the security.

  1. Airport lounges

Take a break from the hustle bustle of the airport as your favourite beverages & food are served at the lounge. Relax or finish your pending work as our executives take care of your checkin. To book an airport assistance service, click here


  1. Flight attendants come to your rescue

Needless to say, you do good & good comes back to you. Flight attendants are humans at the end of the day & trying to work in a hectic atmosphere. Being good to them can go a long way in they going out of their way to make your journey comfortable.



  1. Don’t follow the crowd

Want to avoid long queues to checkin. Here’s a tip. Go to the counter to the left as opposed to the right as those are usually free. Reason being people tend to usually follow the direction of their dominant hand & as you know most people are righ-handed. Another way to avoid long queues is book airport assistance here.



  1. Kick the bottle

Alcohol does not only cause dehydration but also affects your REM sleep, causing you to be more tired and worn out upon arriving at your destination. 




  1. Keep those disinfectant wipes handy

Airports see thousands of people daily & a prime location for you to be exposed to various bacteria. Be generous with the disinfectant wipes & don’t forget to get the tray table in the flights with them.


  1. Traveling in a group of two? Skip the middle seat

Don’t like to sit in the middle? nobody does. So go ahead & book the window & aisle seat for you & your friend & get more space to spread out. Disclaimer: The trick won’t work if the flight is full but then you can always ask the passenger to exchange seats J.

  1. Avoid soda based beverages

They taste delicious but can create equal amount of havoc in the stomach especially when the altitudes is being constantly shifted by the pilot. Our suggestion, Skip it!


  1. Carry a power board.

In this day & age, where we have multiple devices, this definitely comes in handy. Carry one, plug it to an airport point & you are good to go. Did we also mention this is bound to make you a hit with your friends in case you are traveling in a group? You are welcome.

  1. Carry your devices & batteries separate

Got a toothbrush or electric razor that runs on batteries? Get them removed from the device & store separately to avoid damage as the luggage is thrown around during transit. Also, it makes the life of both the device & the security guards easier.


  1. Renting a car? Add your flight number to the details

Mention your flight details in your booking & that way the car rental service will be able to track your real time location & arrival time. This allows them to prepare for your better. Else, just fill a simple form here & we will ensure all your procedures including your ride is taken care of.


  1. Headphones are good but not always

Airports are the best place to catch up on the pending podcasts but overdo it & you risk missing out on an important announcement regarding your gate change, timing change or even worse boarding announcement. Also, its better you find a seat near the screen to keep yourself updated on your flight status.


  1. Dress to chill

Remember, unless you fear being clicked at the airport by the paparazzi, give comfortable clothing the top priority while traveling. Also, carry a few layers keeping in mind the temperature at the airport & in-flight may be different.


  1. Airplane mode is the best

Apart from the cabin crew insisting you keep it on airplane mode, it also makes sense to save on the battery &the airplane mode does just that. Switch to it & you will be surprised at the intact battery life when you arrive at your destination.


  1. Save on overweight luggage

Don’t like paying for extra weight? Nobody does. When in doubt, keeping the heaviest apparel first & in case you are being charged, just remove it from the baggage & wear it instead.


  1. Click your car parking spot

After returning from a long journey, the last thing you would expect is being stuck at the airport as you can’t recall your parking spot. A smarter way would be to click the spot after parking & avoid the trouble.


  1. Dress up your luggage

What better way to spot your luggage in a sea of baggage than to make it stand out.  Add a flashy ribbon or funky stickers of world monuments or a funny quote to it make it stand out. Pro Tip: They also look awesome in the airport pictures uploaded on instagram.


  1. Pay less for your tickets by clearing your browser cache

Ever notice prices going up after you checked them. That’s because of the cookies. Clear your browser & save your hard earned money while booking the tickets.


  1. Choose glasses instead of contact lenses

If you were contacts, ditch them for glasses at the airport. Not only they look cooler & go well with the airport look, they also do not cause the eyes to dry out in a pressure controlled atmosphere unlike the contact lenses.


Hope that these tips help you in your next journey. In case you are looking for specific airport assistance, make sure to visit us whenever required. We are 24/7 in service for you.


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