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Things to do at Delhi Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport is one of the most popular international airports serving the capital city of India, New Delhi as well as India. The air terminal is located in Palam which is 15 km south-west of New Delhi railway station and 16 km from New Delhi city center. In terms of the traffic of passengers, this airport is one of the busiest ones in India since 2009. Presently it is at 26th position in the list of world’s busiest airport. The air terminal was controlled by the Indian Air Force before its administration was moved to the Airports Authority of India. If you are thinking to fly in New Delhi when visiting India then we recommend you book an airport assistance service from MUrgency Airport Assistance to make things simple for you so that you have a smooth visit here. Keep reading forward to get accustomed to things that one can try on the layover of this airport.

  1. Enjoy a meal

There are a number of options including cafes, bars, and restaurants for a good meal to begin your layover. Most of them are present in the newly built Terminal 3 of the airport. As India is a country of diverse culture, one can choose from a range of Indian cuisine. Apart from that, you can also go with French, Chinese and Italian options. You can also go with Western chains like Subway, KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks or can opt for traditional Indian ‘Chai' at the airport.


  1. Relax in a Lounge

If you are an economy class traveler then you can use the airport lounge facility to relax at the airport. Spend your layover in calm and solace, with access to nourishment and beverages and possibly shower service – for a price. Since this air terminal is so huge, there are a lot of lounges to browse from. You can book an entry by acquiring a lounge pass or utilizing a lounge participation program.


  1. Shopping

The Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi provides several shops in all of its terminals, so regardless of your area; you can get access to various offerings from books to world level whiskeys to high branded clothing and also duty-free options. In case you're truly hoping to go overboard on certain trinkets, Terminal 3 has the most boutiques.


  1. Freshen up

Having a shower after a long and hectic flight is always the best experience. The shower facility in Terminal 3's arrival area is open 24 X 7. Find signs for "Shower and Massage Lounge" or you can look for WH Smith.


  1. Spa

Two of the most famous spa present in the airport where one can relax is Terminal 3’s O2 spa and Heaven on Earth Spa Express in Terminal 1D.


  1. Pilot Experience

In Terminal 3's International Departure zone, a Cockpit flight simulator is located. Once can sign up for 15 to 30 minutes and can have an experience with what the cockpit closely resembles for professional pilots. If you want to try it then you should have an early reservation done.


  1. Sightseeing

Because of the air terminal's in-city area, it's simple and easy to desert the air terminal for exploring New Delhi. We recommend you to have at least 7 hours in hand between your flights such that you can discover a lot of things in the city. Trains and buses aplenty associate the air terminal with Old Delhi in the downtown area. Buses are a cheap mode of transportation, yet the Delhi Metro Airport Line gets you to the city somewhat quicker. Taxis might help you to save some more time. When you're in the city, go with a tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) for a traffic experience like never done before.

The best thing to start with is the Qutub Minar, a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. It is known for its well-saved engineering, including the primary minaret, which was worked in the late twelfth century. Go by the India Gate which is devoted to the Indians who battled and lost their lives in World War I. Explore the Red Fort, a palace for Mughal kings that dates to the 1600s. Now you can go to Connaught Place for restaurants and shops.


  1. WiFi

You can use the free wi-fi provided by the airport to get connected with your families and friends, update yourself on social media or just surf the net. It is completely free and provides unlimited usage.


  1. Sleep

Because of nonstop takeoffs, explorers ought to have a little issue regarding resting or camping out overnight. Terminal 3 inside Security is the most agreeable spot, with sofas in the fundamental shopping territory, several free-armrest seating and carpeting for loosening up (however a few explorers have revealed being approached to remain off the carpet). As the airport is brightly lit and fairly noisy, it is recommended to have eyeshades and earplugs. Travelers who can pay for a much better traditional sleep experience can go to the Holiday Inn Express or in-transit resting units. Both of them are present in Terminal 3. You can also opt for one of the three Plaza Premium Lounges that rent private day rooms.

We hope that by going through this article you have got a good idea about things you can do at the New Delhi airport. If you want any kind of assistance then feel free to contact the MUrgency Airport Assistance service anytime. We will be really happy to assist you.


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